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5 Things Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About.⁣⁣

5 Things Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About.⁣

#1. The number one thing your guests care about? The Entertainment! Whether that be a DJ or band. The entertainment either makes or breaks the reception.⁣

If you’re looking to hire a DJ, remember they can contribute to over 80% of your wedding day, but on average, couples only dedicate 5-8% of their budget to them! If you hire a professional, quality DJ, they will invest 15-30 hours preparing for your day-even though you only see them perform for 6!⁣

#2. Coming in second is the food! It makes sense then that nearly all couples spend up to half of their budget on catering and the venue. The last thing you want is hangry guests!⁣

When surveyed, guests cared more about knowing WHEN they were going to eat and the meal was served on time moreso than what was on the menu.⁣

#3. The Venue! We’ve all been to a hot July wedding, outside, with no shade or A/C. Picking the appropriate venue for your wedding comes in third. And for good reason!⁣

While it’s important to have a vision of your big day, make sure your vision is realistic. Remember if your guests are uncomfortable during your wedding day they will be more focused on the weather than the wedding. ⁣

#4. Of course on this list following food and venue, has to be THE BAR! And similar to food, while it’s important to have it - guests seem to care more about the details. Open, Cash, Mix?⁣

Either way it’s important to let your guests know ahead of time how the bar will be working. That way if they need cash for their libations, they can make the proper arrangements in advance. ⁣

#5. Last but surely not least. Parking! Something that isn’t always in the forefront of our minds. But something that can be a logistical nightmare for some guests!⁣

At the ceremony and reception it’s important to evaluate the parking situation. How far away is the closest lot? How many cars can easily fit? If guests show up late will they have trouble finding somewhere to park? How will you accommodate those guests who aren’t as mobile?⁣


So there you have it! Compiled from data provided by: The Knot, WeddingWire, Bride Magazine, Modern Bride, and USA Today.


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