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Ditch the Bouquet and Lose the Garter

Looking for some alternatives to the traditional bouquet and garter toss? Look no further!⁣ Did you know the bouquet toss originated in England? Women attending weddings would try to rip off a piece of her gown for good luck, so brides began ‘throwing’ their bouquet at them - though probably not in a fun and as joyful way as it is today!⁣ Not about the traditional toss? No worries! ▪️Why not try a breakaway bouquet? These bouquets break apart into many smaller bunches of flowers. That way you can spread the love to more of your guests!⁣ ▪️Have a girls only dance! Celebrate being women, single, married, whatever! Invite all the ladies in your life out for a special celebration!⁣ ▪️Gift a single flower to each of your guests. You could do this in the receiving line or as a special flower ceremony during the reception. That way you can thank each of your guests personally for attending your day!⁣ Did you know the garter toss originated during medieval times as a sign that the groom had consummated the marriage. The groom would present the garter to family members the morning after the wedding.⁣ Not about this medieval tradition? Try these:⁣ ▪️Many couples nowadays are skipping the removal portion of garter toss, but keeping the toss. The potentially awkward moment of the groom under the gown no more, but the fun of the toss remains.⁣ ▪️Toss a themed object! We’ve seen cat-tosses, where the recipient is ‘the next person to adopt a cat.’ We’ve seen an inside joke of boxer shorts be tossed out! Snowball ‘fights’ with yarn balls during winter weddings! The opportunities are endless.⁣ ▪️Beer cap toss. Toss a beer cap into the crowd and whoever catches it buys the groom a drink! Or maybe the groom buys them one! Either way it’s still a fun toss for the group, especially if free beer is involved!⁣ And of course you could always skip these altogether. We’ve seen the decrease in these events a lot in recent years, but it’s your day, make it the EXPERIENCE you want!


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