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From Postponement to Party⁣

From Postponement to Party⁣

It's not ideal and it's not fun. The big day you've spent months, maybe even years planning, now has to be replanned. But, not all is lost. In the midst of postponement there are still many ways to make this tragedy a party.⁣

1. First and foremost, you get to plan an even better party next year! Whether you're postponing the whole thing or just the reception, more time to plan is never a bad thing. Take this time to look into the things that you were crunched for time to do this year. Maybe you are even able to save a little more for your big day and add those experiences like a Photobooth or Cold Sparks, that you originally wanted, but the budget cut.⁣

2. Don't forget the fun. While this experience isn't fun, you can find the lemonade. Schedule some epic postponement pictures. Because these are unprecedented times, you can make your wedding experience unprecedented! Go crazy, have fun, and remember that at the end of the day those around you love you, and you have found the one you want to spend your life with. Even a pandemic can't take that away!⁣

3. Reach out to your vendors. Some vendors will be more helpful than others, but just like you, they are having to navigate this chaos as well. Maybe they have different packages or deals you can take advantage of. Maybe your photographer is willing to split their time and come to both events if you are still planning on a ceremony right now but a reception later. So look around, ask around, and be flexible. While you are inconvenienced by this pandemic don't forget that your vendors are too. Many of them rely on these weddings for their livelihood, so they are trying their best to stay afloat while trying to help the couples affected as much as they can.⁣

4. Just remember this too shall pass. Years from now when you are old and grandparents, you will look back on your wedding during this time and smile. You will. I promise. You will go down in history as a#RonaBride. So wear the title proud, and don't let it bring you down. If anything, let it allow you to have whatever kind of wedding you want! ⁣

So to all you#RonaCouples. Cheers to you!

Photos Provided By: Rachel Goldstick Photography


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