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Girl, You Need Professional Help⁣ Part 1

Girl, You Need Professional Help⁣

Part 1: Why You Need To Hire A Professional Wedding Planner⁣

*Planners don’t attend family dinners.⁣

-This is probably the Number 1 reason you need a wedding planner. They uphold your vision for your big day! So if Aunt Sally comes to decorate and starts moving tables around, your planner will step in and address the situation. They help keep the peace between everyone, sometimes are the scapegoat, but only because they don’t have to go to Christmas later in the year. You hired them for you, your wedding, and that is what their focus is. So put the chair down Sally.⁣

*They save you money.⁣

-I know, it’s counterintuitive. But planners are experts in the necessities and important details. So when you want five bagpipers at your wedding, they will tell you that you probably only need one. And they’ll be right, saving your hundreds of dollars. Or if you want a flowered archway but real flowers would be thousands of dollars, they will help source silk ones that look just as nice for half the cost! They also, usually, have deals with vendors, so you’ll be able to score some discounts on your venue, DJ, or caterer! Planners are a vendor’s repeat customer, so they aim to please the planner as much as the couple.⁣

*You already have a full-time job.⁣

-Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming at times. So hire a planner to be your right-hand woman! They are pros at keeping things organized, focusing on the task at hand, and making sure your planning process is as stress-free as possible! After all, planning weddings IS their full-time job!⁣

*You want to enjoy your day.⁣

-No bride wants to be taking down tables at 2am. Nor should you have to! Planners take care of the little details as much as the big ones! They are the point-of-contact on the big day, keeping track of who needs to be where, getting the fireworks send-off set-up, and cutting Uncle Bob off after his 10th drink. All you need to worry about on your wedding day is getting married! A planner helps to keep it that way!⁣

Eat, Drink, Be Married. Keep it simple and hire a planner to help with everything else.


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