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How to Interview A DJ - UPDATED

A DJ can be in charge of up to 80% of your wedding. It’s important to make sure you both are on the same page and have the same vision of your big day.⁣

Ask yourself first: What do you want from your DJ?

- Great music that keeps everyone dancing

- A fun, organized reception

- Clear, concise announcements

Now what you should ask your potential DJ.

1. How extensive is your music collection?

- A professional DJ should be updating their music library monthly if not weekly during peak wedding season. DJs have the ability to get music almost as soon as the radio stations do, so a good DJ will make sure that their library has every song you will want to hear!

2. What do you typically wear?

- This may seem like a strange question, but it's an important one. You want a DJ who will look professional at your reception. You don't want them in ripped jeans and a Nickelback t-shirt. A professional DJ will typically wears business casual to formal clothes, typically black or other dark colors - unless they have a signature 'look'.

3. What does your rate or package include?

- Make sure they bring not only speakers and music, but lights and microphones at a minimum. Do they charge for extra hours or travel? And especially during these times: what is their cancellation, postponement, and refund policy?

4. How will you make my event an experience? ⁣

- Every great DJ is so much more than someone who plays music. Professional DJs take their role in your big day seriously. It's not uncommon for them to spend 12-20 hours preparing for your big day, though you may only see 6-8 hours of the end product. Will they coordinate and organize your reception or will they just play music? Some DJs can provide uplighting, monograms, photobooths, or special effects! Find out how they will make your big day the experience of a lifetime!

To find out how Its Electric Entertainment takes charge of your wedding, schedule a consultation with us to find out!


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