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We, at It’s Electric Entertainment, are always looking for new innovations within the wedding industry. And we have found one we would like to share with you!⁣ is a dynamic company that has an amazing photo sharing service. It’s a photo-sharing app that all of your wedding guests can take part in! Think of it like a super easy, convenient version of Google Drive that doesn’t require complicated folder and link sharing set-up. It’s a free service, and for only $50 the premium feature allows guests to not only upload but also download any and all photos or videos taken during your big day. Guests can comment, like, and interact with each other through the app and you can also create an interactive photo book using all of the pictures from your day that your guests can write messages and leave notes on before you get it printed! There is no subscription fee or fee for your guests to join in the fun!⁣

What’s our favorite feature? You can input the schedule for your big day and as guests upload their pictures (even days late) the pictures are automatically put in chronological order. Don’t miss out on any of the fun and get all of the pictures your friends and family took throughout your big day!⁣

If you have any questions for us, feel free to ask! Or check out for more info on how to download the app! ⁣

Included are some amazing photos taken at our wedding from our guests and shared via the app. THESE are the types of pictures you’re missing!⁣

*We are not sponsored by them or affiliated in any way. We just were really impressed with their service!


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