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We'll talk you through joining our virtual expo

First things first, you need to use a Chrome browser - if you don't have it you can 

Download Chrome Here

Secondly, you need a webcam and audio capabilities.

Need a cheap one?

There is ambient sound in our virtual space which is personal to you - headphones ensure a great experience. Don't want headphones or have multiple people joining you? Just ensure you set up in a quiet environment!

When you first go in, you'll be asked to grant permission for Chrome to use your camera and audio - every connection in our virtual space is peer-to-peer encrypted. You must allow access to both camera & audio or you will not be permitted to join.

If you have zoom/teams/skype open you won't be able to do this, so please just make sure they're closed first.

A laptop or desktop will give you the best experience. It does not work with mobile devices - the space is too complex for tiny screens.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or message us on Facebook.

A Few More Tips


If It's A Bit Slow

If you have other Chrome Tabs open, closing them will improve performance.


Moving Around

You will move around the Expo by using your mouse to point-and-click or using your arrow keys.

Need Help!

If you're having any trouble getting in, there are some help options below. 

Having Any Problems?

If your camera doesn't seem to be connecting, refreshing your browser will nearly always fix it - you can hold down the [CTRL] key and click refresh for a bit of extra oomph

If you're having trouble getting in, the most common issue is with camera access. If you look in the far right corner of your browser address window you'll see a little camera icon. If it has a red cross next to it like this then you just need to click on it to allow access.

You will then need to refresh the page also.

camera blocked.png

If that didn't work, you can open the world in an 'incognito browser.' This will disable any extensions your normal Chrome may have been running.


Still not working? Run the official Google test.

This is a page created by Google (not by us). If it can't see your camera and microphone, Google is saying something is wrong with your browser.

Go to and click the green button. Google will check out your mic and camera settings and tell you if it's working or not


If you're still having issues (other than bad news from the Google test immediately above), you will be able to use the live chat guide feature (available during the expo) and we'll see if we can talk you through it in real-time!

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