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How To Execute A Proper CatToss

🐱How To Execute A Proper CatToss🐱⁣

We love it when couples really make their wedding unique and personal! Whether it be a Craft Cigar Bar, Themed Receptions, or as this example shows a CatToss!⁣

Michelle has a love of cats. And she wanted to show and share that with her wedding guests! So after her traditional bouquet toss she invited everyone out to the dance floor and did a cat toss.⁣

Don’t worry! It was a stuffed cat! But the premise was, that similar to how whoever caught the brides bouquet is said to be the next to marry, whoever caught the stuffed cat was said to be the next to adopt a cat, or dog, from a rescue shelter.⁣

This moment was so much fun to be a part of. It’s little things like this that can really turn your big day into an experience that everyone will remember!⁣

What are some cool things you have seen at weddings? Or maybe how did you make your wedding unique to you? We’d love to hear!


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