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DJ Myth #1

DJ MYTH #1: DJs play the same playlist every wedding. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

When you book with It’s Electric Entertainment you gain access to your very own client portal. Here you can add those ‘Must Play’ songs you need to bust a move, along with songs that kill your vibe and you ‘Do Not Want Played.’

You’re big day shouldn’t be ruined by a DJ who doesn’t listen to what you want. If your wedding crew wants to rave to some EDM and lasers let’s do it! Maybe your crew wants to line dance to every country song, yee-haw! Or maybe some old school hip-hop with Run DMC is more your style!

Whatever floats your boat we have it, with over 500,000 songs and remixes in our library-updating every month to stay current-if you want it, we’ve got it! We customize your day to fit you!

If we’d play the same playlist at every wedding, what’s the point of having a DJ?

Learn more about our process and style by visiting our website! Or reach out today and let’s chat!


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