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DJ Myth #2

DJ Myth #2: Choose the cheapest DJ. They’re a dime a dozen.

So often DJs are forgotten about when planning a wedding! But more often than not a DJ can make or break a party! Each DJ has a unique style, vibe, and playlist. They come with a variety of lights and charisma. You need to find the DJ that fits your style. Just like your venue and your decorations!

Mistakes we’ve seen too often: DJs not being able to read the crowd and change their playlist to best fit the vibe. Shutting the party down abruptly because they’re time was up. Not engaging with your guests at all, staying tucked away behind their table. Don’t let this happen!

Think about it this way. Your guests experience, on average, 8 hours of your wedding day. 1 for the ceremony, 2-3 for cocktails and dinner, and usually 4 for dancing. Your DJ could potentially be involved in all 8 of those hours. Coordinating ceremony music, microphones, cocktail hour and dinner music, speeches, then keeping your guests pumped up and partying, sometime into the early hours of the next day.