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DJ Myth #3

DJ Myth #3: I need to make a playlist for my DJ. Yes...but...NO!⁣ Should I provide my DJ with a list of special songs I want for my wedding? Yes.⁣ Your DJ needs a list of the special songs you want played. For example: your First Dance, the Grand March, Dedications, etc. This is especially important if you have a specific version of a specific song you would like played. Giving your DJ a list of music like this before your wedding will ensure that they have that specific song on the big day!⁣ Should I provide my DJ a list of 75+ songs that must be played at my wedding? No.⁣ Let’s do some math first to break it down. If the dance part of your wedding is 4 hours (average), you will hear about 15 songs per hour. This gives you a total of 60 songs for your entire dance. However, this prevents any of your guests from making requests the night of, and when your Uncle Bob wants to sing along to ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ by Meat Loaf at 11:30pm, he will be greatly disappointed to hear it didn’t make the cut. ⁣ So you could provide the DJ with a song list of this magnitude, but then why hire a DJ? A DJ's job is to read the crowd, adapt the song list to best fit the vibe of who is there, and time each song to ensure that everyone has a great time on your big day! ⁣ Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide them with anything - it is YOUR big day after-all. We recommend providing 10-20 of your favorite songs that can be expertly sprinkled in throughout the night. If there is any song you are completely against having played, provide that as well. But trust the DJ you hired to make your event a true EXPERIENCE!


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