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How to be First Dance Ready in 5 Easy Steps

How to be First Dance Ready in 5 Easy Steps⬇️⁣ 1. Focus on the moment. Your first dance doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Take this time to focus on your partner and enjoy yourselves.⁣

2. Learn a few moves. No one likes watching 3 minutes of the ‘huggy shuffle’ so throw a few turns in there, maybe a dip or two.⁣

3. Rehearse in your shoes! If you are doing a more involved dance make sure you practice in the shoes you will be wearing that night. Not only for comfort, but for traction control as well.⁣

4. Keep it simple and forget the flaws. Just like the first tip, focus on each other. Whatever happens will happen and it will become a part of your wedding story. So don’t overthink it, and don’t be too hard on yourself! 5. Pick the right song! Not only do you want to pick a song that has meaning for you as a couple but work with your DJ to get the exact rendition you want. It’s one thing to pick a song but the version you choose is just as important!

Photo's Provided By: Megan Snitker, Mike Burley Photography, Andera Photography, C&J Studio, Johnson's Creative, and Luke's Photography.


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