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How to Interview A DJ

🎤How to Interview A DJ🎶⁣ Because a DJ is in charge of up to 80% of your wedding, it’s important to make sure you both are on the same page and have the same vision of your big day.

Start by asking these questions. 1. If you could put anything on a taco, what would it be? ⁣ - This shows creativity, adaptability, ability to think quickly and on their feet. If they have an answer, this is the DJ you want. Plus...who doesn’t love tacos?⁣ 2. What has been your favorite gig and why? ⁣ - This shows how they have fun and why they are a DJ. Do they have the ability to connect with the guests and pump up the party? Or do they care more about the cool new mix they made? This answer can give you a good insight to what parts of being a DJ they are most passionate about.⁣ 3. What types of gigs do you book most?⁣ - This can give you an idea on their MC style. A DJ who does mostly corporate gigs could have a little more structure and have a set schedule for the evening, while a DJ who does a lot of bars and karaoke could be more laid back and go with the flow. There isn’t a right or wrong answer, but this could give valuable insight on the type of environment your DJ is used to or more comfortable in.⁣ 4. Do they have a preferred music genre? ⁣ - Do they play the same songs you listen to? Or are they the complete opposite? Typically a DJ can play any type of music, but if they are used to playing country rock, they may not be as versed in rap or hip hop. If your DJ is opposite of you, that's ok! Professional DJs will put in the time needed, prior to your event, to educate themselves and understand the musical vision you want!⁣ 5. How will you make my event an experience? ⁣ - Every great DJ is so much more than someone who plays music. So you need to find out what you’re paying for. Will they coordinate and organize your reception or will they just play music? What other services do they offer? Some DJs can provide up-lighting or monograms, photobooths or glow sticks! You get what you pay for, and typically if a DJ is a little more expensive, it’s because they focus more on your big day being an experience instead of just a dance to play music.


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