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How to Walk Into Your Reception Like A Boss!

How to Walk Into Your Reception Like A Boss!😎⁣

Have fun! Don’t be afraid to be goofy! If it’s not a little awkward then you’re not doing it right. Remember that everyone is here to celebrate YOU! So if they see you having fun, it will automatically set the tone for the rest of the reception!⁣

Get your whole party involved! While the bride and groom are the main attraction, your bridal party can help build momentum for the newlywed announcement! Use props and get creative! We’ve seen light saber battles; rock, paper, scissor challenges; and a lot of great selfie moments!⁣

Most importantly make sure to be authentic! Your guests are there to celebrate you. So show them how you do! Make sure you are comfortable and able to enjoy ever moment to its fullest. If you want unicorns and glitter, do it. Or if you prefer black and gold like Gatsby, go get it! This is your day! So have fun with it!⁣

Making sure you have good music and lighting to walk into is just as important as the walk itself. So make sure you work with a DJ that understands your vision as well. Make your wedding the Experience you’ve always wanted!⁣

Photo's Provided By: Mike Burley Photography, Brian Cipra, Megan Snitker, and Johnson's Creative.


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